Avokan – Virtual Reality

A few weeks ago we introduced you to electro-metalcore’s latest recruits, Avokan. Now we’re lucky enough to share our thoughts on their debut album, ‘Virtual Reality’.


I have to start off the review by praising vocalist Sam Moore. His voice is undeniable on this record. He roars, he sings and, on tracks like ‘Paralysis’, you can feel his desperation. I can only imagine what it’s like in a live setting. With this as their debut album, I can’t wait to see how his vocals develop over time.

The idea of metal and electronica being thrown together is still something that’s controversial for a lot of people, and then there are bands like Enter Shikari, who have made whole careers from this hybrid. Personally, I think the synths make this album in a lot of places. This is most notable in leading single, ‘Beyond the Mirror’. The synth breakdowns in this song are frantic and fantastic, adding an edge that metalcore bands wouldn’t have without this addition of electronica.

This album gets the delicate balance of clean and dirty vocals right and often provides big hooks and choruses which will, undoubtedly, have crowds going wild. There are standout tracks: ‘Inevitable End’ really shows of Moore’s vocals, ‘Ethereal’ has a chorus so huge it could probably crush a double decker bus and closing track ‘Vultures’ introduces a layer of whispers that gives you a final taste of mystery before the album ends.

Unfortunately, with standout tracks come weaker tracks. Weirdly, there are certain tracks on this album that seem to get more accomplished as the song goes on – Illusions is an example that springs to mind – leaving the song as a whole to be confusing and underwhelming. But, seeing as this is a debut album, teething problems are to be expected. No-one’s going to get it entirely right the first time, but this is an admirable effort.

Listen to the full album here:

I cannot wait to see how this band grows and progresses over the next few years. If they stick at it, we might just have something big on our hands. Keep up to date with Avokan on Facebook and grab their album from iTunes now.