Ocasan – Confessions

Buckinghamshire trio, Ocasan, made an interesting decision with their second album, ‘Elixir’. Instead of releasing it as a single body of work, they’ve split it into three collector’s EPs for their fans. ‘Confessions’ is the final release from the collection and was produced by UK heavyweight Romesh Dodangoda. Ocasan have shared festival stages with the likes of The Prodigy and The Feeling, but how would it all come across on record?

Opening track, ‘Invincible’, has a set of ‘whoas’ making up the song. I am absolutely sold. Strangely, the guitar accompaniment has a ska vibe, but it absolutely works. It’s catchy as anything and, in a live setting, it’s bound to get the crowd going. It reminds me of a song by a band called The Urgency (anyone else remember them from their days of supporting We Are The Ocean?) and their song Fingertips. But, then again, ‘Invincible’ is a strong song in its own right.

If you thought ‘Invincible’ was great, ‘Dark Cloud’ knocks it out of the park. It’ll make you want to get your dancing shoes on, despite the subject matter of the song, and you have to commend Nathan ‘The Bear’ Naidoo’s basswork on this track. He should probably also be commended for having a nickname like The Bear. Probably.

‘Parasite’ is insane. The Bear is thumping at the bass again and vocalist Nick Burns has flicked a switch on his voice – he’s suddenly a teasing, entrancing witch doctor. You’re not sure if you’re in a Panic! at the Disco song or in some kind of epic pirate musical. Does it matter? Heck no. This song is bold, brilliant and, best of all, completely unexpected. How many bands can fit that sort of versatility into a four track EP?

The final, and title, track finds Burns telling a story about an illicit affair. The drawling chorus line of “these are my confessions” will undoubtedly make this a firm live favourite. This track ends the EP on a high, carrying through the brilliance of the rest of the tracks with it.

You may not know Ocasan yet, but I’d suggest you go and look them up. A truly great piece of work – you’ve earned yourselves a new fan, gentlemen.

‘Confessions’ will be released on 21st September and, if you’re in the Milton Keynes area, you can join them for their EP launch party on 20th September!