Deaf Havana’s James Veck-Gilodi announces solo gig

Yes, you did all read the title of this post correctly. Frontman of band Deaf Havana, James Veck-Gilodi has announced a solo gig due to happen on the 27th of October, at St Pancras Old Church in London. Earlier this month James showcased 2 of his new tracks when he supported Grace (the female powerhouse who featured as a backing vocalist on the Old Souls album) during her own performance at Paper Dress. James has also posted snippets from his set that night on Instagram as a teaser of what is to be expected from him.

James Veck - Gilodi solo

Despite announcing that he is venturing solo, James is in fact going to be joined by band mate Max Britton on his endeavors. The news of James releasing solo material has sent speculation spiralling out of control throughout the fan base, as this followed news of Deaf Havana having to cancel their European tour due to happen later on during the year. It has also been no secret that the band are struggling financially. Guitarist, vocalist and brother of James, Matthew, has also used his Instagram to voice his opinion on the state of the music industry at the moment, and the fact that even after playing main stage of Reading & Leeds, he still has to have a normal day job.

During their set in Cambridge back in August, the band also stated that guitarist Chris Pennells has had to step in on the business side of things to do with the band as there has been issues with the team behind the scenes. It is certainly not a surprise that fans are beginning to worry. Fear not, though, as the band have used Twitter as a means of communication to assure everyone that they will be sticking together as well as a post on Facebook quashing rumours and announcing more news of a tour to come.

Deaf havana statements

So, the question everyone wants to know is; what will this new material sound like? From what we can already gather after watching videos of new song ‘Seattle’ sung live on James’ Instagram, it’s going to be very stripped back. Acoustic guitar, Max on the keys, and simple harmonies; music at it’s best. Being a fan of acoustic music himself and artists such as Jeff Buckley, Jason Isbell and Noah Gundersen, we imagine James’ set in October may sound like something you’d hear whilst in a bar in Nashville.

Tickets for James Veck-Gilodi’s show in October will go on sale on Friday 19th September at 9am. Ignore speculation about Deaf Havana and let the excitement take hold as one of the best singer songwriters in the UK at the moment prepares to go solo. Think of it as a Take That experiment, Gary Barlow is always doing his own thing but the band remains strong. Deaf Havana are here to stay and James Veck-Gilodi is showering us with more music and shows to drown our ears in, what more could we possibly ask for?

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