INTERVIEW: Nick Santino

After spending 5 years touring the the world with A Rocket To The Moon and eventually parting ways in August 2013, frontman Nick Santino continues his journey as a successful solo artist. With two EP’s and a full length album under his belt, Nelipott caught up with the American singer-songwriter ahead of his October UK tour.


Nick Santino // © Dirk Mai

It’s been 3 years since you were last in the UK touring with A Rocket To The Moon, how excited are you to be coming back next month and playing solo material?
It’s been too long! I’m really excited to get back to the UK. It’s gonna be a good change of pace playing this music over there.

How have you found the transition from playing in a band to solo? Do you find yourself more nervous before shows?
At first, a bit yeah. It’s a different dynamic when you’re the only guy on stage. Now, I actually find it a lot more relaxing being by myself. Less cooks in the kitchen, so this feels good.

You used to regularly host online concerts on Stageit, can fans expect any of these anytime soon?
Possibly. More recently, I’ve done a couple of free video chats online which were fun – I enjoy being able to talk to fans when I’m not on the road. Stay tuned for another one coming up!

We absolutely love Big Skies – although you’ve had a busy summer on Warped Tour, have you had the time to write any new material and/or can we expect an EP or anything soon?
Thank you! Glad you are digging the new album. I’m always writing, so I definitely want to put some of these newer tunes out. Hopefully soon….

Your solo stuff is quite different to what you released with A Rocket To The Moon, have your musical influences changed overtime or is this the direction you kind of always saw yourself taking?
I think I’ve always written like this. The challenge with being in a band on a major label is there are a lot of other people involved with opinions who often have a lot of say in the final product. A lot of the time, I would hear my songs were never good enough or “hit” worthy. So now I can just write what I want without trying to impress anyone. Hopefully that comes across in the music.

Whats it like working with a company like 8123, and how excited are you to be headlining your fall tour in the US?
It’s great! Always great to work with friends and people so supportive of your career and choices. It’s gonna be a fun tour. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

And finally, what is 2015 looking like for Nick Santino?
Hopefully lots and lots of touring. Maybe getting some players to play behind me and fill out the songs a bit live. Always writing. So you never know. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Nick Santino tours the UK with The Maine and Lydia in October. Tickets available here.

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