Mallory Knox – Asymmetry

It’s been nearing 2 years since the release of Mallory Knox’s debut album Signals, and now the 5 piece are back with their second full length album, Asymmetry.

Although the album won’t be available to buy until next week (Monday 27th October), the band have been gradually previewing a handful of songs from the album as a sneak peek into the rest of the album. Ghost in the Mirror was the first single from Asymmetry, and it is just a snippet of what’s in store. The upbeat intro and catchy first verse has you gripped right until the end of the track.

The catchiness carries on throughout the album and creeps in even more so during Dying to Survive. Front man Mickey Chapman changes it up a bit by jumping his words along to the beat of the song, which is bound to get your head bopping.

Another song that the Knox boys released to the public early was Shout at the Moon. It entices you in with the simple drum beat but as soon as the chorus approaches, it almost turns into a completely different sound – in a good way of course. The repetitive lyrics “I shout at the moon” is what really stands out for this song. Following on from Shout at the Moon, Fire, seems to use the same template. “I will wait for you, stay for you… I will wait for you, burn for you” sings Chapman.

Everything is on point throughout what we’ve heard of Asymmetry, especially the consistency of the songs. The drum beats and the intricate guitar riffs on ‘When Are We Waking Up’ and ‘She Took Him To The Lake’ prove that the band have taken this the quality of this album one step further.

One thing that Mallory Knox seem to do really well is having the ability to make you listen right to the end of the album. From what we can already tell, Asymmetry is the best collection of songs the bad have produced so far, so the future is certainly looking very bright for these 5 boys.

Asymmetry is available to pre order via their website, and will be released on Monday 27th October.

Catch Mallory Knox later this year on their headline tour with Frank Iero, Fort Hope and Moose Blood.

Review by Jade Warden