Basement @ Electric Ballroom, London

The nervous excitement is palpable at Camden’s Electric Ballroom this evening, as fans eagerly await the return of post-hardcore Ipswich sweethearts, Basement. The band waste no time in opening their show with the reverberating Whole, leaving the room a shaking, sweating mess. Fans throw themselves across the crowd with enthusiastic abandon, not casting a thought to the bruises they’ll be finding at work tomorrow morning.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.37.47

© Emily Hatzar // Nelipott Music

Fiercely working their way through a set list that spans their entire musical career, Basement prove their worthy return. The growth and maturity in their catalogue is apparent, with debut EP release Songs About The Weather and first album I Wish I Could Stay Here showcasing an intricate knowledge of their post-hardcore roots and later release Colourmeinkindness being the perfect offering for early 90’s grunge fans.

There was a certain amount of trepidation before this string of shows, with the feeling that Basement might not be able to please their long term fans with their most recent release Further Sky. Though still a sterling effort on the bands part, its tracks left behind their familiar post-hardcore mould and even features a cover of Suede’s Animal Nitrate. However, all anxiety was soon shaken off when Basement kicked in with Jet and the crowd reacted the only way they knew how.

The only people here tonight more nervous than the fans would be the band themselves. Ending the set with widespread favourite Crickets Throw Their Voice, the band have truly ingratiated themselves in to the hearts of their patient fans once again. Lets hope they don’t leave us for too long again, eh?

Review by Emily Hatzar

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