Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Taylor Swift recently dropped her fifth studio album; this album, even more personal and filled with plenty more songs about boys who have broken her heart. The second single off the album, following the quite catchy ‘Shake It Off’, is titled ‘Blank Space’.

Taylor puts a new spin on the video. Every scene makes you feel as if you are there with her, going through the “up’s” and the inevitable “downs” of a relationship. I am not a die hard Swift fan but I will say the music video has changed my view a little. I think she has finally found her niche as an artist and feels comfortable putting it all out there. With sexier outfits and steamier scenes, she has finally come out of the spotlight as the country/pop artist she was. The video is only 4 and a half minutes long but it takes you on a wild ride through her messy relationship.

Throughout the video Taylor increasingly gets a little more “insane” but in the best way possible. Showing everyone the wrath of a woman who fell in love with her “next mistake”. Now who’s to say who this tune is about, whether it’s the heartthrob Harry Styles, or some other lad, all I know is that this single will be massive.

Taylor’s album “1989” is available widely at shops, record stores and also available on iTunes.