Big Sixes – ‘The Idles’ Premiere @ The Things We Love, London

Like any other human being, free happens to be my favourite price. I’ll pretty much take anything if I’m getting it for nothing and especially where music is concerned. So when one of my favourite bands, Big Sixes announced that the premiere of The Idles was a free for all I didn’t need to be asked twice.

The three piece band from Buckinghamshire – consisting of Charlie, Charles and Toby – are releasing a new EP after finding themselves on tour with Deaf Havana last year. Building a small but ever growing fanbase, as well as gaining attention from BBC Radio 1, this was my fourth time seeing the band but there was something special about this night in particular.

Big Sixes

Big Sixes // © Facebook

The Premiere was scheduled for the 20th of November at a little venue called The Things We Love in Hoxton. Doors opened at 6pm and despite deliberately trying to delay myself so as not to be early, I still somehow managed to be one of the first there. It was okay though, because upon entry I was greeted by a very happy looking Charles Bush (band member of Big Sixes.)  There were general introductions, thank you’s and chit chat whilst we waited for more people to arrive, and suddenly everything felt so comfortable; I didn’t feel so much a fan but a friend. This atmosphere set the tone for the rest of the night as although the venue was crammed full, it was still relaxed and overall a bloody good night.

So, what is The Idles? I hear you ask, well if you’re already a fan of the band you will know about Club Omega and in the words of front man Charlie Costello, the definition of Club Omega is as follows – ‘Basically it’s about doing stuff you think is cool with your friends and not worrying about fitting in or trends or any of that shit.’  Big Sixes have also encouraged self expression of all forms from writing to music and photography… Anything personal that leaves your stamp on something.

With that in mind, The Idles fits in perfectly. Not only is The Idles the name of the band’s brand new EP, but it’s also the name of the short film directed by award winning Frederick Lloyd (who also created the music video for Deaf Havana’s Boston Square) to give this new project visuals. By 8pm everyone was herded inside for the first viewing (the second being at 10pm), and it did not disappoint. Much like the music video for Heaven Sent (below), the short film works with slow shots, dark colours, and has very unique but personal feel to it. It has a Big Sixes stamp all over it, and the band were evidently proud of the work. In addition to all of this there were also photos displayed in the venue showing everyone the antics and behind the scenes action that went into making the EP. On top of everything else, the guys even took to the stage for an acoustic set for us performing songs like Heaven Sent, Love Let Me Go, The Hunter and more. If we had all paid to be there in the first place, it definitely would have been a case of value for money… So it more than exceeded expectations!

With all this happening the band still found time to circulate the room and make every person there feel welcome, encouraging the crowd to come in, sing along with them and then having conversations with us all afterwards. Charlie could be seen at all times with a camera in his hand and even encouraged me to get in a photo which is completely unheard of. By the end of the night, there was no differentiating between colleagues, friends or family. Everyone there became part of something bigger, Club Omega.

Pre-order The Idles EP from iTunes now.