INTERVIEW: Young Rising Sons

Within the twenty minutes I was with these guys, I learned four things, Andy is really good at laundry, Julian loves pro wrestling, Dylan came up with their band name and Steve is incredible at describing how things smell. See for yourself what I got out of Young Rising Sons!

© Heather Hook // Nelipott Music

© Heather Hook // Nelipott Music

How long have you been a band?
Andy: Over 5 years, the three of these guys knew each other for probably like 10 years, I first came to practice with them after i met them at a bar in new york city, like the weekend before thanksgiving 5 years ago.

Did you always know you wanted to be musicians?
Dylan: Absolutely I’ve know since i was 11 years old?
Andy: Yeah, before I wanted to be a musician, I wanted to be an athlete,

Really? What did you want to play?
Andy: I don’t know, hockey or football?

The meaning behind your name?
Dylan: It’s written into one of songs called red and gold, also I thought of the idea, the name together when I was walking into Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  I was just walking and thought of it, I told the guys about it way later on and we wrote it into one of our songs and it became the name.
Andy: The song title sums us up as a band pretty well, what we’re about.

Any musical influences that shaped your music styling?
Andy: A lot, we all kinda grew up listening to different things, but I think in a way all of them kind of meshed together to make what YRS is. I grew up listening to a lot of MOTOWN, Jackson 5, the temptations… Steve was a big Queen guy, classic rock.
Dylan: I like a lot of classic rock, americana, Led Zeppelin, I also like Tom Petty and Bruce.

© Heather Hook // Nelipott Music

© Heather Hook // Nelipott Music

A lot of people are asking about your album, what can we expect from it?
Andy: It’s gonna be, I don’t want to say very different from our EP, but our EP kinda showcases what we were going through at the time when we signed with Interscope and it captures a lot of those really high moments in life because that’s what it was, but we wanted to kinda show people a little bit more about ourselves, more of who we are as people and as a band, kind of encompass more of a human spectrum of emotion. I don’t want to say it’s darker…

Well you guys are pretty positive, you shed light on that a lot.
Dylan: Everything has a positive spin on it, what we truly believe in is good people and having a good time, we definitely have that voice on the EP, it definitely  carries over into the album too, but I think it just dives deeper into human emotion. Like Andy said… but still adding a positive spin on things.

Any songs in particular that will be your favorite off the album?
Andy: We’ve been playing 3 newer songs that are gonna be on the album that aren’t on the EP.

A LOT of people like ‘fucked up’, they are begging for it to be released…
Andy: I know, I wish we could give it to them right now! That’s my personal favorite to play live, just because people really react to that, I don’t know what it is about it I don’t know whether it’s because there are like curse words in there or what but people really get into that one and seem to connect with it. I think it’s a very real song. We don’t like writing love songs, so if we have to write a love song, and I feel like when you’re making an album, it’s a little bit of an obligation to have to write a love song, so I think that is kinda where that came from. We try to be real about it, not everything is perfect in relationships.

Stand out memory of the tour so far, besides getting your stuff stolen in Montreal?
Steve: I think one of the coolest things was in san francisco, it was first time we experienced it but we got like One Direction mobbed by a crowd of people. Then the next night in phoenix it was a crowd 3 times the size and we were taking photos with them for like an hour, it was the first time we ever really experienced it as a band, an overwhelming amount of people really approaching you for photos, they were like grabbing our hair, security had to escort us out of the way.
Andy: My standout moment… we did a couple fly dates to florida, we can’t bring all our gear because when you fly, the gear wont make it. So we have to rent gear, the second show we did none of it worked, so halfway through the set my amp just dies. I don’t know, it could be the heat it could be the sun, it could be anything. They try another amp, it doesn’t work, so I’m not playing the guitar the majority of the set, I have to borrow Dylan’s guitar to play simple life, then I get my guitar back, and they finally get the amp working in ‘High’, the last song we play of the set, and they were scrambling so much to find an amp that worked, that there was no time to tune my guitar, and I couldn’t see the tuner on stage because it was right in the sun, so halfway through the song I just kinda gave up and threw my guitar down.
Dylan: That was your favorite part of the tour?
Steve: It was funny to watch.
Andy: That’s one thing I love so much about live music, it’s because it’s sloppy and not everything is perfect. It’s cool to see how we deal with shit when it goes wrong,
Dylan: We just laugh because its hilarious, my amp just didn’t work at all at the beginning of the set, before we even went on. Then they changed the amp out and that one worked, I’m pretty sure they just switched out the amp that didn’t work and gave it to Andy…
Andy: It’s cool though to see, ‘cause I don’t know, you just gotta keep pushing through stuff like that, I mean the crowd seemed to still enjoy themselves and that’s what matters.
Dylan: I’m sure it was fine like sound wise, our sound guy there was like what the fuck is going on but everyone else was in the moment, so it was fun.
Andy: It was also like 100 degrees, I poured whiskey all over me, it was just a shit show
Dylan: It was a blast definitely.

You’ve gained a ton of momentum, a ton of followers, everyone is loving you guys, how does that feel?
Dylan: It’s awesome, I think were just very fortunate to be in this position, to be able to play for a lot of kids every night. A lot of the kids are just huge fans of music, and the fact that they’ve reacted to us on this tour, makes us feel really good. The fact that we’re able to have this opportunity and capitalize on it, we’re very, very lucky, we just feel very blessed. We love everyone for it, all the fans, all the new fans, all the old fans, we’re truly appreciative of it.

I’ve always wanted to know how it feels as musicians to see people in the crowd singing back your lyrics to you on stage?
Andy: It’s awesome, we went from a year ago, playing shows, legitimately to maybe 5 people. At either, The Studio at Webster Hall, Bowery Electric or Bar Matchless in Brooklyn. Nobody gave a fuck about our band, they were barely watching us, let alone singing words. So to be where we are know to be playing for people that actually give a shit is so rewarding, it’s awesome to see.

Any special plans for when tour ends?
Andy: Sleeping!
Dylan: We’ll be back in the studio just to put the finishing touches on the album, it’s pretty much competed now but we’ll be back in the studio and then were shooting a new video.
Steve: Ugly christmas sweater party, having that at our apartment.
Dylan: Yeah.. and then announcing tour dates, we’ll be announcing tour dates after the new year.
Andy: We’re really excited about it.

© Heather Hook // Nelipott Music

© Heather Hook // Nelipott Music


Guilty pleasure song or album?
Julian: Real musicians don’t have guilty pleasures?
Dylan: I don’t feel guilty about listening to anything, I don’t really..
Andy: To be honest I truly enjoy One Direction… songs! Like I don’t…
Steve: Music! You’re not like a “directioner”… I jam out to Katy Perry a lot…
Dylan: I like all that stuff, I don’t feel guilty.
Steve: It’s cheesy for a rock band to like it, but it’s not a guilty pleasure by any means.
Andy: We’re all pop song writers, even outside of the band, so we can appreciate a lot of different music.
Dylan: Im trying to think of something that’s like truly, truly guilty.

Like Mariah Carey?
Julian: I fucking love Mariah Carey.

Steve and Dylan go on to mention Rebecca Black would be a true guilty pleasure…

Any hidden talents?
Andy: I play hockey, not well, it’s not really a talent…
Steve: I’m like weirdly, awesome at accurately describing smells.
Andy: To a T.
Steve: I’m very good at smelling something and giving you an apt description on it. Julian is really good at impressions of people, but no, Dylan’s good at voice impressions of famous people. Julian’s good at doing like physical and facial expressions of people that are not famous…
Steve: What is like a weird hidden talent of yours?
Andy: Nothing… I’m great at drinking
Dylan: Andy’s a good singer, I don’t know if anyone knows that?
Julian: Andy’s really good at doing laundry…
Andy: I keep a tidy house, I keep a mean, clean house.
Steve: Andy cleans up every mess I make in the apartment.
Andy: I want to like kill myself in our apartment, it’s terrible.

If it was the last thing you could have to eat, what would you eat?
Dylan: Penne with vodka sauce
Julian: Chicken lamb combo from 53rd and 6th
Andy: I’d probably have chipotle, is that sad?
Steve: If I was killed when the meal ended, I would just get like an endless bread bowl from olive garden and keep going forever.

What’s the best opportunity you’ve gotten through touring, through music, touring this whole thing? the most influential thing to happen to you?
Andy: To see taylor swift in the flesh…
Julian: I’ve had pro wrestlers tweet at us, Zack Ryder tweeted at me personally and I almost died.
Dylan: We met Mat Pinnfield, he was on MTV for years, we grew up watching him on tv. He was at one of the radio shows we did, we talked to him for like a half hour, he was such a down to earth guy, we love everybody, it was really cool to meet someone like that, that you grew up watching on tv. Who else?
Steve: Hall and Oate’s manager of 33 years…
Dylan: He was extremely nice, he had such good stories, we were at a beautiful venue in Long Island, The Paramount that we just played. It was amazing, the detail they put into it is some Disney World shit, there was a private room, and he would just tell us stories about the music business, it was really interesting.
Andy: It’s sort of like, have you seen Almost Famous? This is my favorite part about doing what we do, when we meet somebody, who has all these stories about the history of rock and roll and stuff, it makes me and I think everybody, feel like they’re the reporter in Almost Famous, that little kid. I go back to 15 years old, and I’m like, Oh my god, this is so cool, this is why I’m doing this. To be able to soak this up and hear it from the horses mouth itself is so cool – that’s why we do this.


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