INTRODUCING: The Jury And The Saints

Formed in Auckland 2009, New Zealand based punk quartet The Jury And The Saints have gigged the Australasian circuit extensively, including support tours with US rock sensations Paramore and P.O.D., alongside appearances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now with the UK in their firing line, TJ&TS are set to release their self-titled album on 2nd March 2015.

The forthcoming release follows 2010’s album debut Daydreams, and 2011’s EP Revival, which landed at #4 in the New Zealand Top 40. It’s clear that the bar has been set pretty high since their previous releases, but this new record just might prove that the boys have what it takes.

The album kicks off with a Gnarwolves-meets-Neck-Deep gang-vocal infested track titled, ‘Start Moving’, followed swiftly by the brilliant, Verses-esque ‘Fever’. The first single from the album takes the form of ‘Focus’, starting out with fast pop punk beats and progressing into something similar to Deaf Havana’s melodic rock era.

Vocalist Jesse Smith says, “We chose this as the first single as it’s our favorite from the album. It captures both sides of us as a band with high energy, but also a more anthemic, sing-along outro. We hoped it would catch people’s attention when hearing us for the first time.”

Tour life was written into Smith’s blood from a young age, with much of his childhood spent on the road with family travelling Australia & New Zealand in a minivan. However, it was an approved working visa and a trip to London which made him fall in love with punk rock. Working in a warehouse, he spent every penny on tickets for punk shows and music magazines, and when the time for his return to New Zealand approached, Jesse knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Similarly, guitarist Rowan Crowe had immersed himself in a musician’s lifestyle by flying out to the USA and travelling coast to coast with bands for festivals. Making ends meet by busking and selling disposable cameras at Warped Tour, he played in various bands and toured for an impressive 10 years. Unable to kick the touring bug he returned to New Zealand, where he crossed paths with his old friend Jesse.

After relentlessly touring for a couple of years, 2011 saw the duo decide to expand their live sound. Recruiting Ivan Beets on bass and Marty Kroon on drums, Rowan migrated to second guitar duties. So with an extended line-up, The Jury and The Saints were born.

Their self-titled album continues with the grungy, easily-relatable ‘Monday Morning’, followed up by the more upbeat ‘Freedom Fighter’ that sounds something like Ryan Mellor and Craig Owens in a mosh pit. It’s obvious why the band received such great feedback for their track ‘Brand New’, which fits perfectly between the likes of Mallory Knox and The Tricks, and ‘Make Our Mark’ is yet another impressive gang-vocal anthem.

There’s no denying that we can expect some great things from this band. Tell all your friends: the Jury and the Saints are the upcoming punk act to watch.

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