Jono Yates Covers SIA’s Elastic Heart

If you don’t already watch Jono Yates’ vlogs on Youtube (you should be!) then you might recognise him from being in the band Blitz Kids… even though he has grown quite an impressive beard and might look slightly different.

At 7pm this evening, Jono uploaded a cover to his Youtube channel and it’s probably going to be your new favourite thing. The song covered is SIA’s ‘Elastic Heart‘ which is currently taking the charts by storm but unlike the original, Jono has stripped it back to just him and his guitar. This version no longer sounds like a SIA song… it sounds like a Jono Yates song.

Jono’s gritty rock vocals and arrangement of the song means that it doesn’t sound exactly like the original; it’s different but just as good. So if you happen to be one of those people that usually prefers the original to covers then don’t be put off and if you love this cover as much as we do then you can go and find more over on his Youtube channel!

Jono has made this cover free to download on Soundcloud. You can watch Jono on here too, or find him on Twitter.

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