INTERVIEW: Calvin Goldspink

It’s 2001, and our walls are plastered with cut outs from Top of the Pops magazine, and a firm favourite amongst these posters are S Club Juniors. The 8 teens found themselves being signed to Polydor, selling millions of records worldwide, and playing iconic venues like Wembley Arena.

While we might only see Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Humes still sitting firmly in the music industry being part of The Saturdays, fellow member Calvin Goldspink is also still making music. Fast forward 13 years from One Step Closer, and we now have the 26 year old musician delivering his debut EP The Lemon Tree, and Nelipott caught up with Calvin to tell us all about it.


A lot of people may recognise your name from being a member of S Club Juniors, what was that time in your life like?
It was incredible. I got picked up just before I turned 12 by a tornado in Scotland, then dropped off on stage 3 months later at Wembley Arena in front of 12,000 people – and that was just the first few months. 2 million records later I had quite the ride.

The Lemon Tree EP is a great introduction to your sound now, who would you say has been your musical influences?
I grew up listening to the Eagles, Steve Miller band, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd. A lot of Motown – Otis Reading, Ben E King etc. I have a very wide range when it come to my musical taste. I like to change it up. Currently listening to everything from Caribou to Superfood.

You were living in LA for the past 6 years whilst working on the EP, what’s life been like out there compared to home in the UK?
I really got my chance to grow up and experience life out in the States. I had to pop the bubble that I felt I was contained in. In my opinion, there is no better place creatively in the world than Los Angeles to do that. Just the shear amount of creative people that live there give an energy out that you can thrive off. Everyone out there is perusing their dream and its inspirational to be around.

If you had to pinpoint a standout moment from your career so far, what would you choose?
Playing the ViperRoom in LA. Playing my own original songs for the first time really was a special night for me. Seeing people enjoying what I’ve worked so hard on was incredible.

Whats your favourite track on The Lemon Tree EP?
Grown Up‘ for me has to be my favourite. I love the atmosphere that the song brings. Its very up-lifting. Robb Torres, my producer, really helped bring a bit of a verve vibe out on it.

And finally, whats next for you?
Now that the EP is released, we are working on getting it out to as many ears as possible. Gigs, gigs and more gigs are on the cards. Hopefully some festival slots in the summer too which we are working on! I have a lot of songs written so definitely another EP later this year too!

London readers, be sure to get yourself down to Tooting Tram & Social on Wednesday 18th February, or The Garage Highbury on Wednesday 25th February (tickets) to catch Calvin live.

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