Taylor Swift – Style

We’ve all been waiting patiently for another Swift single and finally ‘Style’ is here. It wasn’t enough to blast the catchy beat and vocally charged song through your car stereo, so Taylor has created a brilliant video to go along with it.

I saw the teasers leading up to the release and wasn’t sure how the video would play out, but when I watched it, in it’s entirety I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a die-hard “Swifty”… but she is proving herself to be a fierce competitor in the music industry and even I can notice that.

‘Style’ has a very artistic approach, one that I’ve never seen Taylor take before. Using double exposure and fragments of broken mirrors to show the perspective of Ms. Swift and her lead guy create a dreamy effect that will have you wanting more. Of course midnight drives are included in this video, as well as lush beach scenes and we can’t forget to mention Taylor’s perfect red lips that will haunt any man’s thoughts. As far as I can tell, Taylor Swift won’t be going out of ‘Style’ anytime soon and that’s just how she wants it.

Style is taken from the album ‘1989’ which is out now.