Here at Nelipott, when we’re given the pleasure of introducing you to a band that might not have hit your radar yet, the band in question are typically new on the scene. Today, however, we’re introducing you to jointpop, a five-piece from Trinidad and Tobago who have been together for over 20 years and have, impressively, seven albums to their name.

Describing their sound as ‘renegade rock and roll’, jointpop take influence from Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Clash and Bob Marley, among others. Their newest single, ‘Something Beautiful’, taken from their newest release ‘Quick Sand’, opens up with upbeat and instantly catchy piano keys, sounding decidedly more pop than their influences might suggest, but with a 90s rock ‘n’ roll vibe injected with skilled guitar solos. Gary Hector’s lead vocals lend to the rock ‘n’ roll sound, with contrastingly raspy-then-smooth tones.

‘Simply Beautiful’, as feel-good as the name suggests, is already making its way onto different radio stations throughout the UK, thanks to the upbeat, catchy nature of the song. Pick it up on iTunes here.

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