EXCLUSIVE: Josh Savage – Lost In Paris

Back in January, Nelipott introduced you to the Winchester-via-Paris singer-songwriter Josh Savage and his beautiful single ‘Bella‘. On February 11th, Savage took to the stage for an acoustic performance of ‘Lost In Paris’ live at Sofar Paris, and we’re premiering the video for you right here.

The song itself feels almost like an ode to Paris. There’s a quote on Savage’s website that says he’s “following [his] passion for music, enjoying the journey and seeing where it takes [him]. Fitting the song perfectly, he says, “If this music thing doesn’t work for me then I have another dream in mind. I’ll just lose myself in Paris”.

Previously unheard, ‘Lost In Paris’ starts off with one of those calming Autumn-esque melodies played on an acoustic guitar, with Savage’s voice occupying the middle ground between Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard. The video too, makes it impossible not to fall in love with this man’s musical talent as he jokes with the crowd when it comes to joining him on vocals.

It’s a beautiful track, and you won’t be disappointed. Find all Josh Savage’s social media and music, as well as the recorded version of ‘Lost In Paris’, on his website: joshsavagemusic.com.

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