Bowhunter – To Love Again

Next month is looking to be a good month for new music, and what better way to kick that off with the brand new debut EP from Kent-based quartet Bowhunter – a ‘trashy power pop’ outfit consisting of Jack Saunders on vocals, Edward Li on Guitar, Chris Corney on bass and Nick Corney on drums.

The record, cleverly titled To Love Again – perhaps a reference to the split of Saunders’ former band The JCQ – the EP covers themes such as conflict and personal change. Produced at In Lieu of a Studio with Martin Ruffin (former The JCQ bandmate and guitarist of Saunders), To Love Again will be released on May 4th 2015.


The EP opens with ‘It’s Not Over’, kicking off the record with studio chat before an up-tempo drum beat and pop-heavy You Me At Six-esque riff breaks through. It’s catchy, but the vocals seem overly generic, with little power behind them. ‘Count to Ten’ makes up for this a little. The band seem to be keeping that early YMAS vibe with catchy riffs, guaranteed to turn a few heads.

Third track ‘Escapes’ is a darker, drum-heavy song with chanty vocals throughout the chorus, leaning more towards a pop punk sound than anything else on this record. The EP’s final track takes the form of ‘Where We Go’. The verses in this song are somewhat disappointing, unless you like extremely upbeat pop. However, the chorus makes up for it with melodic riffs and some of the best vocal work on the record.

Check out the video for ‘It’s Not Over’ below:


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