InMe – Trilogy: Dawn

Following their appearance on the main stage at Southampton’s Takedown Festival, Essex-based rock quartet, InMe, recently announced that they are working on a mammoth three-record concept album project. Made up of three thematically distinct albums – Dawn, Sentience and Quietus – the band are set to release the first piece on May 4th via PledgeMusic.


For those of you that aren’t already familiar with the band – who are probably most regconised by their fifth single ‘Faster The Chase’ from their 2005 album, White Butterfly – consist of Dave McPherson on vocals, Greg McPherson on bass and additional vocals, Simon Taylor on drums and Gazz Marlow on guitar.

When discussing the new project, Dave said: “Trilogy is going to be a trio of albums exploring birth, life & death with this particular record focusing on birth, beginnings, childhood & youth. We’ve used two very old ideas that I demoed years ago as the basis for a couple of songs, which is one of many things that ties it all together as a piece that focuses on our earlier times.”

Opening with ‘Creation: Amethyst’, it’s evident that the band have stuck to their signature sound, with complicated melodic guitar work and strong, anthemic vocal work. ‘Beloved: Seraphia, Seraphia’ picks up the pace a little with some faster riffs and the album’s first single ‘Trauma: Door Slam Crescendo’ (released back in March) combines catchy lyrics with memorable hooks and some brilliant drum work.

A personal favourite on this record has to be ‘Amnesty: Bonsai Forest’ – fast, and incredibly infectious. However, lead single ‘Hymn: Ivory Elder‘ is undoubtedly one of the more personal tracks on the album.

Dave explains; “Ivory Elder explores the idea of cycles of alcohol abuse & the idea that the sins of the father are visited by the son, in many cases. This is the first album of the Trilogy which begins with youth & growing up. The sub-heading of this song is Hymn, referring to music & my father is one of the integral reasons I became so passionate about music.

“We’ve also both had our fair share of drinking so it all links together with hints of his influential (on me) piano playing, escapism & excuses. At the core of it though it’s a kind song, also very refined & catchy which made it the obvious launch single for us!”

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about ‘Kindred: For All One Knows’, with Dave’s vocals backed up by acoustic guitar and symbol-heavy drumming. The record closes in ten tracks, ending with the brilliant ‘Reverie: Aquarium’. With passionate vocals, anthemic riffs and that haunting echo we heard previously, it’s a great finale to the first instalment of their extremely ambitious project.

With next year marking their 20th anniversary as a band and five full-length studio albums to their name, it’s been a long road for this Essex band of brothers who have consistently weathered the ever-changing storm of the music industry and come out fighting. The Trilogy is undoubtedly their most ambitious project to date and looks set to be the crowning jewel in an already impressive collection of material.

In addition, InMe have also announced a lengthy run of UK tour dates. Tickets are available from SeeTickets. Check out the dates below:

4 May – Manchester, Sound Control
5 May – Glasgow, Audio
6 May – Liverpool, Arts Club
7 May – Cardiff, The Globe
8 May – Bristol, Exchange
10 May – London, Borderline
11 May – Milton Keynes, Crauford Arms
12 May – Nottingham, Rock City Basement
13 May – Norwich, Waterfront Studio
14 May – Reading, Bowery District
15 May – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms


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