Of Allies – Fragments

Self-managing and independent, Yorkshire-based four-piece rock outfit Of Allies came together a little over two years ago, formed of Rich Nichols on vocals, Tom Hewson on guitar and vocals, Nick Tyldsley on bass and Danny Barrick on drums. Since their formation, Of Allies have managed to attract attention from the likes of Kerrang! Magazine, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, and it doesn’t look like the band are stopping there.


May 11th 2015 sees the release of the brand new EP, Fragments – the follow up to the band’s debut Tempers. A five track alternative, melodic Brit-rock sensation suitable for fans of Young Guns and 2009 Deaf Havana. Opening with its titled track, ‘Fragments’, it’s evident that we can expect a plethora of dark riffs and echoing melodies. It’s remarkable – you can almost hear Gustav Wood in Nichols’ vocals.

Track two, titled ‘ONE19’, combines the impressive efforts of Barrick’s fast drum sounds with the kind of riffs you’d expect to hear from Deaf Havana’s Easy Life EP, whereas Nichols’ vocal work is easily comparable to that of Mallory Knox’s Mikey Chapman. ‘Old Bones’ is a favourite hear, starting out with catchy hooks before breaking into a haunting melodic riff and echoing lyrics.

‘Tempers’ brings us back to those darker riffs and Young Guns-esque vocals again, reminiscent of songs such as ‘Crystal Clear’ and ‘Weight of the World’, before ‘Call It Home’ closes the record. It’s an uplifting melodic track that leans more towards Fightstar than anything else – but we’re certainly not complaining.

You can pre-order the Fragments now via the band’s PledgeMusic page.


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