Born and bred in East London, Nelipott eagerly introduces you to MSXDS. The name behind the personal acronym title is Mohsin Ahmed, a 21 year old who just released his first track, Kaleidoscope Views, to the big scary world of the internet.

First dabbling into music back in the MySpace days, MSXDS has been creating music since he was 14 years old, over the years exploring different sounds and changing his methods. When Nelipott cause up with Mohsin, he was happy to tell us all about producing his own sounds, his influences growing up, and why he doesn’t define himself by any genre.

Before Kaleidoscope views, MSXDS put out a few other songs online which he now just sees as practise. “I spent the best part of a year working on it. When you’re doing all the writing, singing, producing, mixing and mastering yourself, there’s hundreds of ways for a song to just keep evolving and reaching the next level. This was one of those songs that just kept on doing so.”

“I’m just one guy in his bedroom so I’ve not really done anything with anyone else, I’ve not really been mentored or taught. I taught myself everything. Even music theory. Everything you experience of MSXDS was put together completely by me.”

With his parents not listening to much western music, MSXDS first got his step into modern day through his older cousins updating his 256mb MP3 player for him.“It was all like 50 cent G unit stuff. The first band I got into was Linkin Park. I remember hearing Numb (below) and Faint and being super moved by both. When I found out they were by the same band I went home and downloaded every song I could find.”

One of the important statements MSXDS makes it not belonging to any genre. “I don’t really cater to anyone specifically or limit myself to any particular sound palette.” He continues, “I want people to feel things. I think it’s beautiful that music can do that. That you can listen to a song and be overwhelmed by emotions you may not even completely understand.”

In conclusion, MSXDS hopes people view his songs as a musical journey – “I don’t care if anyone notices the intricate mixing decisions or the conceptual song writing or what sounds I’m using, I just hope they feel like they’ve been on a journey at the end of the song. even if it’s not necessarily a journey they’d want to take again.”

It can sometimes be almost rare to meet a musician so artistically dedicated to their craft, but that’s exactly what Mohsin is. Being involved in every element, MXSDX is perfectionist and story-teller that displays his art so wonderfully. Watch out for this one.

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