INTERVIEW: Bowhunter

At the end of last month, we reviewed the new Bowhunter EP, To Love Again. Released on May 4th, the four-track record covers themes of conflict and change, and we caught up with frontman Jack Saunders to find out more about the band, and the meaning behind To Love Again.


Describe yourselves using five words.
Trashy, power-pop rock goodness.

What was the reason behind the name ‘Bowhunter’?
We pretty much had the whole EP written before we’d even decided upon the name! Loads of different names were thrown about but Bowhunter just seemed to stick. There’s no deep meaning behind it.

To Love Again seems centred around the split of The JCQ – could you tell us a little more about the themes behind the EP?
I wouldn’t say it was centred, but it definitely plays a role in the general theme of the EP. For me it’s about moving on and finding happiness. I went through a number of things before Bowhunter was formed; a bad relationship ended, a new one started, The JCQ split and I had to snap back into reality and get a full time job. The EP documents all of that, but in a positive way.

What kind of feedback have you had since the release of the EP? Was it the kind of feedback you were expecting?
I guess I was both interested and anxious to see how JCQ and Bossk fans would respond to us as we’re so vastly different sound-wise, but it’s been very positive so far.

What’s your favourite track on To Love Again and why?
I love all the songs on the EP, but the song that I’m most proud of is Where We Go. Lyrically it means a lot and it just came together so easily when we were writing and recording it. I’ve never been part of a song like that before and I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve written vocally. It’s a highlight of the EP for me.

Who are your main influences and which genre would you put yourselves into?
Individually we all listen to very different types of music, but collectively we were influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, Brand New and The 1975 among others when writing the EP. I guess you could put us in the pop-rock/punk genre, but we’re not really concerned by what people label us as.

What’s next for Bowhunter?
We’re just going to continue to write music, play shows, have fun and see what happens. Expect another release by the end of the year though.

Keep up to date with the band via their website:

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