This new three piece grunge band hailing from Essex are formed of George, Jack and Connor who are actually nothing like the stereotypical Essex boys that we so often think of when we hear the famous county mentioned.

When asked to describe themselves I had words like ‘Destructive, Queer, Cacophonic, Narcissistic’ and ‘Shitty Screaming Grunge’ thrown at me and so in their absence of maturity I shall describe them for you.

First off there’s George, you can expect a certain amount of seriousness from Chapels’ frontman who is currently studying History at University, he loves a good political statement and is a perfectionist when it comes to the music he and the rest of Chapels make. Jack who plays drums is a dab hand at playing the cowbell, he has multicoloured hair and is a massive fan of cats and video games. Last but not least is Connor, he plays bass, is very quiet and was recruited by George and Jack to be in Chapels.


The band formed after George and Jack found themselves in college together, surrounded by people that they didn’t feel they had much in common with. Queue some intense male bonding over a love of music and soon after the two men decided to join forces and make sweet, sweet music together. After some time they decided that Chapels could do with some more man power and along came Connor and thus, we have today’s current lineup!

Vacuum Aspiration is the new EP from Chapels with 5 addictive tracks that showcase their talent perfectly. ‘Piety Of Love’ and ‘No Words, No Sense’ show off frontman George’s vocals; which go from quite soft and melodic to the classic grunge style of desperate shouting. Every song is heavy in riffs and drum action but at no point does one instrument overtake the other, having listened to the EP on repeat ever since I received a copy, I can safely say that the hard work is evident in Chapels latest work.

If you’re wondering what makes these three a band to watch out for then it is simply this, Chapels are raw. Grunge often gets overlooked due to hundreds of teenage bands aspiring to be the new Nirvana every year (no one will ever beat Nirvana.) However, when a band comes along that are focused on their own sound with a real craving to play live no matter the venue size or audience members… it’s a beautiful thing to see. They are still very much in the early stages of their music and so, if you jump on them now you’ll get to watch them grow and develop in every aspect. They are talented musicians with a genuine love for the music they produce and they’re opinionated but also, absolute gentlemen that know how to have a good time on stage.

Chapels new EP Vacuum Aspiration is available to download for free here.