S Club 7 @ O2 Arena, London

Sunday night saw S Club 7 bring it all back to the O2 Aarena for the third night running. As the lights went black and six dancers took to the stage, the crowd was ready to jump back a few years and watch S Club perform all the greatest hits.

The stage was set out with seven glittery podiums where the band spent most of the night, whether they were dancing or singing (or at every moment possible, thanking the fans for their support over the past few years). They had just started to warm up by singing four big hits when they had already disappeared for a quick costume change which gave the backing dancers a chance to show off their moves.

The middle part of the set was mainly filled with each member doing a solo. The majority of the songs were covers apart from Paul’s lovely acoustic version of ‘Reach’ that got everyone a bit emotional and singing along as well as a great mix of a few of Rachel Steven’s solo stuff.

S Club 7 live in Birmingham

This gave them the chance to talk to the audience individually, where they simply either just thanked the fans or they told a little story about the band when they were in their prime time. And before we knew it, it was time for another costume change and Bradley become the DJ giving us a dubstep remix of a few songs while the dancers, get again grace the stage.

The whole show felt like it was set in the early 2000’s; from the songs and the neon outfits, to the cheesiness of whole concert. But the thing that really topped it all off was having the old music video’s being played on the big screens while they performed them. However, it was all made clear that we weren’t actually in 2002, when they threw in a cover of Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk.

Sadly, it was coming to that time of the night where everybody knew it was about to end. As they all left the stage after performing ‘Reach’, the crowd, of course, started chanting S Club and soon after they were back with two final songs. Lee got the opportunity to tell everyone about how the band have worked with Children In Need for a few years, which lead on to them singing ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’, a song they released for the charity.

The whole night was something that everyone of that generation was hoping for and they finished it off perfectly with ‘Dont Stop Movin’’. It was a great way for them to make a comeback and who knows where this is going to lead them all.