Craig David presents TS5 @ Oslo, Hackney

As I walk into Hackney’s Oslo last Thursday night, I’m not really sure what to expect. All I have is the words ‘Craig David’ and ‘DJ set’ in my calendar, and that’s enough to make me excited for the night’s events.

For those unaware, Born To Do It crooner Craig David now makes his stamp on the music industry by DJing all around the world under the alias TS5. Named after his apartment number at his insanely luxurious pad in Miami, what started as a hobby entertaining friends at personal parties, is now what the 34 year old does to crowds of thousands around the globe.

This current tour has seen him play the likes of Australia and Ibiza, and also included his first ever TS5 show in London. Taking place at the intimate Oslo in Hackney, Craig is joined by a handful of up and coming DJ’s to make the night a success. Following ‘WHITE N3RD’, Craig promptly enters the stage at 11:30pm to an incredibly excited crowd. He plays Hip Hop, he plays Garage, he plays R’n’B, and he knows exactly what the crowd are really there for when he slips in old favourites like ‘Fill Me In‘ within minutes of starting.

I got a taste for TS5 when I saw Craig David play IndigO2 back in 2013, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a DJ that plays the same tracks every set, when throughout Craig is obviously playing off the crowd’s reaction at each event. Making his way through an array of crowd pleasers, there are high volumes from the audience during Sean Paul, Drake, Beyonce, and many more. Craig also delivers a 10 minute rendition of Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’, when he decides to change the lyrics to be more suited for the ladies after it’s first play. “I’ll make you loyal” sings David over the track whilst the ladies in the room swoon.

As well as two versions of ‘7 Days‘, ‘Walking Away‘, and ‘Rendezvous‘ sung over the beats of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Moment 4 Life‘, the crowd are also treated to a handful of new tracks, making his set over-run by 20 minutes. The new material included ‘Cold‘, and most notably, the energy in the room didn’t die through unknown numbers.

Ending his set on Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’, the stage is entered by more DJ’s to finish off the night before Craig leaves, this is when the crowd get exactly what they want, dropping the massive Artful Dodgers ‘Rewind’.

Oslo, Hackney // © TS5 Twitter

Oslo, Hackney // © TS5 Twitter

Craig David successfully turned Oslo into a party, and it’s wonderful to see his craft still being validated 15 years later.

Catch the next TS5 London show at Shapes in Hackney on October 16th – tickets here.

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