The 1975 premiere new single ‘Love Me’

The grueling wait is finally over for The 1975 fans, as tonight the Manchester 4-piece premiered their new single, Love Me, on BBC Radio 1.

It’s been nearly a year since we last got new material from Matty, Adam, Ross and George when they released Medicine especially for Radio 1’s Drive Rescore in October 2014, and they’re back with sounds so pop they give Duran Duran a run for their money.


© The 1975 // Twitter

Laced with strong guitars and Matty’s distinctive vocals, the The 1975’s Prince influence shines on this release and is a perfect taster for the bands reinvention into the “pink era” for their second album.

Over the past year, The 1975 have kept everyone on their toes with various hints at new material. Just recently, fans we’re picked at random from the bands mailing list to receive postcards to their door with ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it’ printed on the front, which was originally tweeted by Matty back in January. He revealed tonight that this is the title of the seventeen track album released in February 2016. The title of the single ‘Love Me’ also dates all the way back to a series of polaroids posted by Matty on his Instagram, where 24 weeks ago he captioned one ‘Love Me’.

Listen to ‘Love Me’ on BBC Radio 1 here.

The 1975 continue their countdown to midnight (October 9th), where we can only assume ‘Love Me’ will then be available on iTunes. Their upcoming tour kicks off in the UK on November 9th. Full list of dates and few remaining tickets available on their website.


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